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My own journey has given me insight  into the many challenges one encounters. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, understanding and knowledge.  Whether it's getting in shape, working with an injury, or navigating a medical issue.


Wellness Experience

"For over 20 years my client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help clients improve  their health, attitude toward their body and achieve a higher level of body awareness which is essential in managing your health and well being. Through the body amazing changes can happen. Delve deeper into who you are physically and discover your mental, emotional and spiritual core.  Doctors will tell you my journey has been a tough one!  I believe each of us has a tough journey.  How we cope with pain, fear and belief systems, of others or our own, play a large role in our bodies health and wellbeing. Understanding the work it takes and trusting that commitment to a goal that is not always immediately seen is a challenge for anyone of us . My greatest ability is to "see your body, to see it's alignment and to see where it's tight or congested"  My clients tell me that they have never experienced anyone being able to "see into their body" as I can.  Now through changes in our online abilities I am able to work with clients anywhere.  Through movement, often Pilates based mind body exercises, visualization, meditation and "directional mindtalk". I will help you "see" and "listen" to your body.  I will help you talk to your body and to listen to what it says.  You will find balance, grace, strength, flexibility, a quiet mind, better focus, bladder control, power in your stride and Joy!.  This is a place where one can make amazing changes to the body, life, mind and spirit.  It's not a place of escape!  Nor is it a place of silence. It's about being very present in all the noise". 

- Ellen Croft,  Wellness Coach, Inventor of Supreme Pilates and Pilates.Yoga.Gym. (P.Y.G.)

Life Lessons. Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Graves, Hashimoto's, Breast Cancer,  Lyme and Valley Fever to name a few. I have utilized conventional medicine, alternative modalities, movement, diet and mind control to be here now! I am as STRONG AS A WILLOW TREE! 


Active Coaching

On-line one on one or group sessions.  

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Supreme Pilates

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Webinar. Getting Started with your Pilates.Yoga.Gym. (P.Y.G.)

Webinar. Supreme Pilates. Beginners

Webinar. Supreme Pilates Intermediate

Webinar. P.Y.G. Workout. level 1 legs

Webinar. P.Y.G. Workout level 2

Webinar. P.Y.G. Restorative

Webinar. Supreme and P.Y.G. Neck and Back Post-Rehab workout

Webinar. Floor work - easy stretches you keep you young

Webinar. Strength moves to challenge the super fit!

Webinar. What really is the "core" and how best to engage it.

Webinar. Ellen's 10 Tips to perfect posture

Webinar. Feet. Healthy Feet Healthy You! 

Webinar. Ellen's Healthy Body Diet

Webinar. Ellen's Heart Healthy Diet.

Webinar.  Ellen's Chemo Diet and Radiation Diet.

Webinar. Ellen's Thyroid Diet

Webinar. Ellen's Breast Cancer diet and supplements.

Webinar. Ellen's Lymphoma Diet.

Webinar. Ellen's Valley Fever Diet

Retreat in Sweden June 2019

Retreat in Northern California August 4th-8th. 2019

Teacher Training in Sarasota Florida November 28-Dec 3  2019

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I'm excited to be teaching classes on-line. Finally those of you who purchased Supreme Pilates and Supreme Pilates Pro who have been asking for more workouts will not only have a continual source of workouts but will also have the option of the personalized attention that I give at my studio!   If you choose to take a class and would like personal instruction then you must email and we will send you the information.  Otherwise take a class and simply follow along in the privacy of your own home.

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Contact me to learn more about how we can work together to help you reach your wellness goals. 

Ellen Croft

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